Principal's  and Director's message:

Principal's Message:

Welcome to Rato Bangala School

Whether you visit us online or in person we hope you will get a sense of what Rato Bangala is, and the mission that drives us. We are a progressive learning community that works to educate the whole person and transform individuals and ultimately the world.

Since it started in 1992, we have worked on learning by doing, providing a rich experience in and out of the classroom to nurture critical thinkers.  Our approach is interdisciplinary, experiential and collaborative. Our students are encouraged not only to explore the world of knowledge but also their own behaviour. They then grow up to be concerned citizens who care about making a difference in the world.

As a school with a tradition of academic excellence, we work to create an environment that fosters Reason Respect and Responsibility in young minds. Our team of teachers are trained and highly motivated.

However difficult things are at present, we are optimistic about our country’s futurebecause it is the future that we are building at Rato Bangala.

We invite you to learn more about Rato Bangala School and the Rato Bangala Foundation that work together to create a dynamic learning environment for children, teachers and parents in Nepal.

Thank you,

Milan Dixit

Director's message:

Working hard for more than two decades, Rato Bangala has been established as a brand name that is known nationally as well as internationally. While the School is created to provide the best of progressive education to those within the Campus, as described by the Principal, the work outside the school premises is of great importance to bring about meaningful change in the lives of Nepali children who are not able to attend Rato Bangala School.

Through the Rato Bangala Partnership in Outreach Program, a fund created and managed together with the parents, Rato Bangala gets the opportunity to work with the Government and bring meaningful change in schools where 80% of Nepali children attend.

Rato Bangala Foundation, through teacher training, research and development of new and innovative modules for teaching, works to bring meaningful education within the government and private school classrooms.

You are invited to visit this online sight as well as our premises in Patan Dhoka to learn more about our work.

Thank you,

Shanta Dixit