The Campus and the Facilities

Situated in the historic city of Patan, Rato Bangala’s verdant campus is refreshing and tranquil. Classrooms are spacious and professionally designed as classroom spaces. They are airy and bright and the furniture is standardized according to the age level. The well-equipped classroom help in implementing the Rato Bangala philosophy of hands-on experiential learning. Seating within the classroom is flexible with the arrangement reflecting the activity planned.

  1. Science labs: Rato Bangala has four well equipped Science laboratories that are well used to prepare the students for experimental skills.
  2. Library: The central library has a wide selection of books to cater to different reading levels from emergent readers to adults. The library has online resources as well as a well- equipped.
  3. Reading Room with audio visual facilities.
  4. Dining Hall: A hot and healthy lunch is served each day to all the students and staff members. A light snack is also served to the junior students in the afternoon. The Dining hall facilities are clean and spacious and utmost care is taken to maintain good hygiene and excellent service.
  5. Auditorium: RBS houses a state of the art auditorium that seats 450 people. This is used regularly for special lectures, theater, assemblies, conferences and external examinations.
  6. Audio Visual Room: To encourage interactive learning our Audio Visual room is well used for  educational videos, relevant feature films. This audiovisual room is well equipped with a LCD TV, a multimedia projector and other technical equipment. The room can accommodate up to 60 children at a time. Presentations by students and guest lecturers are regular features.
  7. Computer Room:The computer labs have a large number of computers equipped with latest software & technologies connected with high speed broadband internet connection.
  8. Math Room:The Math room is equipped with concrete materials and Math manipulatives. The math room has been designed specially to illustrate mathematics concept, lectures and workshops for the students.
  9. Dance Room:Two Dance Room with mirrors give children ample opportunities to develop into graceful dancers.
  10. Music Room:Music Room is provided to nurture musical talents.
  11. Art Rooms: Two art rooms give ample opportunity for the students to explore various mediums in art.
  12. Wood work shop: The wood workshop is popular with the students where they learn how to design and create useful pieces of work.
  13. Pottery Kiln:The school has a kiln where the art objects created by the students in the art class can be fired.
  14. Playground:Care has been taken to design a safe and attractive playground space.
  15. Basketball court:Three basketball courts have helped Rato Bangala students develop into excellent players who have consistently participated in national games.
  16. Football field: Rato Bangala has a football field within the compound and rents one in the neighborhood.
  17. Tennis Court: There is a tennis court where the students get introduced to the game.
  18. Garden: Garden space is provided for children to grow vegetables, plant rice, herbs and so on according to what is being studied thus providing true hands on experience to the students.
  19. School Buildings:Five spacious buildings provide the facilities needed for the school to run comfortably.