Visual Art

The dynamic art department of RBS provides a platform for young artists to bloom.The Visual Arts program at Rato Bangala School allows the students to explore a variety of media and create artworks based on their individual and collective experiences.

Open-ended art lessons allow the students to experience diverse mediums such as tempera, clay, pencils, water colour, crayons, charcoal, digital art, tie dye, woodwork, collage, papier mache and a variety of 3-D art forms. These methods are integrated into the curriculum, allowing students to explore traditional Newari mask making , thankas, pottery,pre-historic tools, terracotta images of the Indus Valley, civilization, ancient Greek jars, Egyptian murals and much more.

Students acquire an artistic vocabulary, explore color and positive and negative space.

Incorporating skills from their earlier education, middle and high school students refine their abilities in drawing, painting, 3-D design and more. Small class sizes enable these art classes to provide a solid foundation for students who would later take up art in college. At A level, interested students have the option of taking up Art and Design.