Rato Bangala Partnership in Outreach Program (RBPOP)


To help ensure that the children of Nepal get the opportunity to have top-quality education, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, socio-economic condition, or geographic origin.


  • To provide training for education leaders in the community.
  • To provide teacher-training to new teachers working in government schools.
  • To offer scholarships to the needy students who would otherwise not be able to attend school.
  • To support a limited number of deserving but disadvantaged students at Rato Bangala School.
  • To assist public schools in remote areas in upgrading their facilities and equipment

RBPOP Board Member:


Chairperson                       Dr. Shanta Dixit

Vice Chair Person          Ms. Milan Dixit

Treasurer                            Mr. Uttam Thapa

Legal Advisor                 Mr. Ram Prasad Bhandari

Member                              Ms. Mona Devkota

Member                              Mr. Arun Rana

Member                              Mr. Shailesh Vaidya

Member                              Ms. Shuvechha Khadka

Member                              Mr. Bandhu Ranjan


To learn about RBPOP's background, visit our Background page. Also, to learn about RBPOP's initiative and contribution, visit:
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