The School and Parents have shared goals. The role of parents in the growth and well-being of the child is of paramount importance. Research has shown time and again that whenever parents and schools work together children are happy and stimulated. Working together, the School and the parents can expect a much better "product" – the child – than if each of to work alone. Rato Bangala School respects the important role of the parents and seeks their wholehearted collaboration. We have observed that a supportive parent who believes in the School's philosophy is essential if a child is to work at his/her academic and social potential. There are many events held by the school where parents are invited. Parents make the time to come to see these events and be a part of the Rato Bangala Family.

Communication between the School and Parents

Rato Bangala aims to work closely with parents for the all-round growth and development of their children. In order to facilitate communication, the School has developed the Home-School Link Book for day-to-day communications. The Guidelines for Parents comes with the Home –School Link book on the first day of each academic year. There are usually three occasions during the school year in which Parent-Teacher Conferences are organized usually at the end of each term. In addition to these formal occasions, parents are encouraged to make appointments to meet their child's teachers whenever they find it necessary. Additionally, teachers will seek out parents, either through the Home-School Link Book or directly by the phone if and when it is necessary.

Parents are expected to read the Student Handbook which is included in the home-link book for grades IV-X and help their children appreciate the School’s expectations of them as stipulated in the Handbook and the importance of responsible behaviour. Each grade has a pledge that is made available to parents. Parents are requested to reinforce these rules with their children.

For Immediate School closures and sudden bandhs parents have to call the Notice Board Service at 161-801-5522614 for messages.The Phone Tree is activated to communicate in the minimum amount of time during sudden emergencies. When the media carries the news of closures, the parents have to check the Notice Board Service, the Phone Tree will not be activated in such cases.

The Newsletter

Rato Bangala Samachar is our official newsletter. It is both an important means of communicating with parents and a valuable source of information. 

Orientation for New Parents

All new parents are invited to the School at the beginning of the academic year for a briefing on how the School operates. As Rato Bangala has a distinct educational philosophy, it is very important for all members of the Rato Bangala family to be aware of it. The orientation is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions and become more familiar with the school.

Curriculum Night

Approximately two weeks into each academic year, parents are invited to an evening in which the curriculum for the whole academic year is discussed. Curriculum Nights usually last for about two hours and they provide the opportunity for parents to meet the teachers and get an overview of the curriculum for the year.


Parents of Rato Bangala also participate in other ways:

  1. Parent Representative and PTA
  2. RBPOP and Dailekh School Project