Training by Visiting Bank Street Faculty and In-house Staff Development

Since its inception Rato Bangala School has collaborated with Bank Street College of Education (New York, USA). Over the years, Rato Bangala teachers have been trained at Bank Street College of Education in New York as well as at the school premises. RatoBangala Faculty that form the core leadership have been trained at Bank Street. All Rato Bangala teachers are expected to attend teacher training sessions offered by the school and the Foundation. In addition, short workshops are held frequently throughout the year, usually on Sundays, as part of staff development. The faculty is closely supported on a day-to-day basis, and this provides opportunities for the growth and development of teachers. Teachers participate in the Child Centered Level I Training as well as the Primary Teacher Training Programme run jointly by Rato Bangala Foundation, Bank Street College of Education and Kathmandu University.

Many Bank Street Faculty have come to RatoBangala over the years to provide invaluable training. In listing them, we thank them for their support in the growth and development of RatoBangala School.

  • Nona Weekes and Beth Norford: Summer 1991
  • Beth Norford and Sam Brian: Summer 1992
  • Lucille Peterson: Summer 1993
  • Betsy Hall: Spring 1994
  • Catherine Franklin: Summer 1994
  • Michael Cook: Summer 1995
  • Todd Jackson: Summer 1997
  • Katy O'Donnell Summer 1998
  • Katy O'Donnell: 1999 April
  • Mimi Rosenberg Summer 1999
  • Stan and Linda Chu: Summer 1999
  • Judith Gold: April 2000
  • Anne-Marie-Mott: Summer 2000
  • Katy O'Donnell 2001 April
  • Stan Chu: 2001 April
  • Stan Chu: 2003 April
  • Katy O'Donnell: 2003 April
  • Jon Snyder: 2003 April
  • Marvin Cohen: 2008 June
  • Lynne Einbender: 2010 July
  • Beth Norford: 2011 August - September
  • Judith Gold: 2011 September
  • Stan Chu 2012 August
  • Beth Norford April 2013

Training by Cambridge International Examinations(CIE)
All the teachers teaching the Cambridge syllabus have received training offered by Cambridge International Examinations over the years.

Training offered by Miscellaneous Institutes
Rato Bangala teachers have participate in courses offered by MASHAV (Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation and in relevant training offered locally by educational institutions such as KISCEquip, the British Council and other institutions.