Important Notice: CIE May/June 2015 Examination Notice for A Level Students.

Attention AI and A2 Students,


  1. Since the majority of the A1 students wish to sit the Math examinations in Oct/Nov session, we have decided to move the whole set to Oct/Nov for the A1 students.


  1. The May/June CIE A Level examinations will be conducted as scheduled.
  2. Please follow all the instructions regarding the examinations.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes (not school uniform).  
  4. Bring some drinking water and snacks/lunch with you according to your schedule (for exams scheduled when school is closed).
  5. If candidates are severely traumatized and unfit to take examinations it is recommended that they withdraw their entries, and then re-enter for November. If students wish to withdraw their entries  and re-enter for the November examinations, the same fees will be transferred.  Students who wish to sit the examinations in November will have to inform Ms Rojala and Ms Rajni immediately. Please ensure that they have received your emails. and
  6. A2 students: Please note that you are strongly advised to take the whole set of subjects to November if your reason to move it to November is because you are emotionally not ready now.
  7. Please note that CIE is NOT postponing the examinations.
  8. For candidates who do take their examinations the school will submit applications for special consideration so that CIE can take their specific circumstances into account during the marking and grading process.

Stay safe and strong. Best Wishes and Love.