Community Service

Mission Statement of the Community Service Program at Rato Bangala School:

We believe that interacting constructively with the people in the community in order to identify and solve problems together provides us with the opportunity to enlighten and empower others as well as ourselves and help to ultimately make this world a better place.

Drafted by Students 1997


Community Service is an intrinsic part of the school’s learning program. Students are involved in community service from grade 1 through XII. Examples of grade-wise activities planned as needs are identified are as follows:

Grades 1 to IV: Assist in the dining hall.

Grades V: Clean the school grounds

Grades VI: Help in the library. Volunteer in a rural primary school where they camp overnight.  

Grade VII: Work with Grade II students on literacy activities.

Grade VIII: Environmental work in the neighborhood park.

Grade IX and X: Volunteer in community schools, earthquake safety awareness activities and the activities students select for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award requirements.

A Level: Students are involved in a wide variety of community service engagements depending on their individual interests. These can also be activities through student-run clubs and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Since they are required to complete 140 hours of community service, they do so either through placements in various organizations such as volunteering in old age homes, working with non-profits such as Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) that works with street children, Maiti Nepal that works with trafficked women and girls, orphanages, community schools, tutoring underprivileged peers, earthquake relief work,  rebuilding work, Habitat for Humanity, tutoring children of prisoners and working in animal shelters and free medical clinics. A unique program that the A level students are involved in is working in a remote village in community schools for an extended period in the School’s UNESCO awarded outreach program.

Rato Bangala’s community service program helps students become socially committed and believe in themselves as change-makers. They learn about the country and the needs of the people who are under-served and helps them to develop empathy and the desire to give back to the society and community.