Rato Bangala Partnership in Outreach Program (RBPOP)

Since the day Rato Bangala School first opened in 1992, the school  community has devoted itself to fostering  top-quality education. It has worked to achieve this aim by training its own teachers and those of other schools as well as by developing new curricula and teaching methods. As part of its institutional philosophy, the school has always included an outreach component. Providing students opportunities to work for the larger good of the community has ensured that Rato Bangala grooms proactive and concerned citizens, who are able to take care of their own needs as well as those of others.

In 2002, after several meetings with parents and teachers, Rato Bangala decided that the time had come to expand and institutionalize its outreach activities.

A visionary idea of the School, as well as the closeness with the parents motivated Rato Bangala to launch the RBPOP program.

The School put aside 18% of the tuition fees in order to expand and institutionalize its outreach activities, and established the Rato Bangala Partnership in Outreach Program (RBPOP). The main objective of the program is to improve the quality of government schools. The program is run as an independent activity of Rato Bangala School. The Board of Trustees, made up of RBS parents and staff, maintains transparent accounts.