RBPOP Scholarship and Hostel:

Currently RBPOP provides scholarship to various students from neighboring schools (Patan Higher Secondary School, Adarsha Saula Higher Secondary School, Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Hari Siddhi Higher Secondary School, Yuva Pratibha Vidhya Mandir and Rudrayani Secondary School). This year (2076) 29 students received this scholarship, and the number of students as well as the individuals might change in the new academic year. This scholarship makes it possible for academically strong students who would have otherwise found it difficult to have their basic requirements such as uniform and stationary fulfilled by their parents. 
Currently there are 17 students (all girls) studying in RBS hostel. Of these, seven have received scholarship through various donors, and ten of them are fully supported by RBPOP. RBPOP has also been providing scholarship to some its previous hostel students for their higher education and Level 1 Teachers Training.