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Rato Bangala School incoporates 11 to 12 under A-Level.

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A-Level at RBS

At Rato Bangala School, the students begin the two-year Advanced Level course conducted by Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) after they take the SEE, grade X government mandated examination. The A-Level program at Rato Bangala is designed to offer experiences that help students transition to college, and prepare them with academic and life skills that will enable them to compete and excel internationally.

Mission Statement of the A-Level Program at RBS 

We aspire to provide a rigorous and stimulating academic program that guides students to become critically thinking lifelong learners who are globally competent, socially committed environmentally proactive individuals who are innovative and open-minded, embrace challenges resiliently, and are compassionate, respectful and grateful.

Awards and Recognition

The results of the A-Level examinations have been consistently good. Over the years, Rato  Bangala students have received awards from  Cambridge for securing the highest marks in the world and in Nepal across the subject areas.

Registered International Centre 

for Cambridge NP 704

Rato Bangala School is a registered Cambridge International Examination Center. Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) offers international courses, examinations, and qualifications to students all over the world. A-Level, as its name indicates, is an advanced international degree designed for academically-inclined students; its courses prepare them for higher education anywhere in the world. Rato Bangala School offers a rigorous curriculum with up-to-date teaching methods, good facilities, and trained teachers.

Why CIE A-Level ?


The structure of the A-Level course allows students considerable flexibility in designing a stimulating programme of study. Students have the option of choosing either A (Advanced) Level or AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level courses in order to fulfill the Level requirements. Students choose the length and depth of study which match their interests.


Demanding courses stretch able students, who can also take a heavy course load for an additional challenge.

International standards

The programme sets a standard for education around the world.


An A-Level degree is recognized by countries across the globe as meeting their requirements for entry into higher education.


More Information


The A-Level program lasts two years. Classes for A-Level students begin in June.

A-Level Faculty  

The A-level team has a long experience handling the Cambridge syllabus and has a track record of excellent results over the years. The faculty stands out for their expertise and passion for the subject areas that they teach. The willingness to engage with the students out of the class to support their learning defines their work..

Eligibility for the A-Level   

Students who have taken the SEE/IGCSE or equivalent at the time of admission can apply. The main requirement is the academic ability to fulfill the rigors of this challenging program. Each year Rato Bangala uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the program.


Rato Bangala offers partial to nearly full financial aid for exceptional candidates who demonstrate merit as well as need. Please note that the candidates seeking financial aid will be placed in a more competitive pool.

Subject options for an A-Level degree

Rato Bangala offers a wide range of subjects at A-Level. The flexibility of choices is particular to RBS. This is done with the understanding that many students are interested in exploring their interests before making final career choices at a young age. The students have the unique option of selecting subjects that are a mixture of Science and Humanities in addition to pure Science, Pure Humanities, and Pure Commerce. The following subjects are offered at Rato Bangala School.

Mathematics and Science

Biology (AS and A)

Chemistry (AS and A)

Physics (AS and A)

Mathematics (AS and A)

Environmental Management ( AS only)

Accounting ( As and A )

Computer Science (A only)


English Language and Literature ( AS only) 

English Language ( AS only )

General Paper (AS only )

Management and Humanities

Accounting (AS and A)

Art and Design (AS only)

Business Studies (AS and A)

Economics (AS and A)

Psychology (AS and A)

Sociology (AS and A) 

The syllabus of each subject can be viewed at www.cie.org.uk

Special Interest Student run Clubs 

A-Level students are encouraged to run special interest clubs. These clubs are initiated and run by students and encouraged and supported by the school administration. The current clubs are as follows: 



Public Poll






Ted Ed Club



Table tennis

Gavel Club

Progressive Leadership Alliance For Youth (PLAY)

Robotics Club

Business and  Investment Club

Model United Nation



Computer Science and Info Tech

Competitive Esports

Graphics Design

RBS Programming Club

The Write Place Club


Guidance Counseling 

In addition to the Form Teachers, we have a dedicated Guidance Counselor to support social-emotional health of the students.

College Counseling at A-Level

A-Level students have access to a strong college counseling team who advise them about how to prepare and apply to colleges. The college placements of RBS students are one of the best in the region. Our counselors have the expertise to understand each student’s strengths and guide them by working closely to explore their passions, and interests and provide personalized recommendations. The students are supported to identify colleges best suited to them.

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Associate Coordinator: Ms. Kaushalya Khadka

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