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We believe that a partnership between the school and the parents will ensure that we meet our common goal of providing a holistic education to our students through mutually respectful interactions in the spirit of the mission and philosophy of Rato Bangala School.

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Parents at RBS

Rato Bangala works very closely with parents in order to achieve the shared goals of educating our children. Rato Bangala School respects the important role of parents and seeks their wholehearted engagement and collaboration. We have observed that it is essential for children to have supportive parents who believe in the philosophy of the school to enable them to reach their academic and social potential.  

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Parents Representative

Two Parents take the leadership role for one academic year to represent their child’s class as the Parent Representatives for the academic year in order to facilitate communication between home and the school.


The faculty at Rato Bangala work on creating a nurturing environment for every learner from  preschool through A Level. The school invests in capacity building of its staff Regular professional development  sessions are held for teachers so that they can develop higher level skills and keep abreast with the latest innovations in education.

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Our Alumni

We believe that our alumni reflect the ethos of the school. 1977 students have graduated from Rato Bangala School from 2001 to 2021. They live and demonstrate our mission statement by being “critically thinking and innovative lifelong learners who embrace and adapt to challenges, thrive in an ever-changing world and grow into compassionate socially committed and open-minded global citizens.” 

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