We Believe That Experiential Learning Is The Best Mode Of Learning For Children
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We believe in creating a nurturing environment that cultivates critically thinking and innovative lifelong learners who embrace and adapt to challenges, thrive in an ever-changing world, and grow into compassionate and socially committed open-minded global citizens. 
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What makes Rato Bangala standout
among others? 

We motivate students to be life-long learners. We believe that academic excellence should go hand in hand with social and emotional growth. With its rigorous and stimulating curriculum, we help to develop confident and articulate individuals who are committed to justice and development.  

Our Approach

We believe that experiential learning is the best mode of learning for children. Working and interacting with the material and collaborating with people helps them understand concepts deeply. These experiences help them make sense of the world and prepare them for life. 

Thus, the Rato Bangala Approach focuses on: