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Dailekh School Project

Dailekh School Project (DSP) was a collaboration of the Rato Bangala School, Rato Bangala Foundation (RBF), a non-profit organization, and the Government of Nepal, Department of Education. Encouraged by the success of the Phase I project, RBPOP, in 2009, decided to put all its resources in one district, Dailekh, by bringing 513 public schools covering about 1,900 teachers and 70,000 students at the primary level.


The main goal of the DSP was to improve the teaching and learning process in primary Schools classrooms (grades one to five) through the emphasis on a child-friendly learning environment and empowerment of all the members of the school community. In order to achieve this, the project focused not only on the classroom but the entire community. Tailored training was provided to community and school leaders, primary school teachers as well as the Village Development secretaries. were provided. The project included community involvement, and youth empowerment and also provided support materials to the schools.

 Phase II

2009 - 2015




Local Leaders : 400       Government Officials : 55
School Leaders : 513     Youth Volunteers : 1900
Teachers : 11,900           Networks at Schools : 10
Students : 70,000
Rato Bangala Foundation was awarded The UNESCO-Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers, 2012 in recognition of the work done in the Dailekh School Project.