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The new programs consisted of RBPOP Phase IV projects  named “Sarthak Bal Sikai” 

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Sarthak Bal Sikai 

The new programs consisted of RBPOP Phase IV projects. In these cases, the local community has invited Rato Bangala to work with them and improve teaching and learning. The projects are named “Sarthak Bal Sikai." We started this project in three districts, namely Gorkha (Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality) Tehrathum (Aathrai Rural Municipality), and Kathmandu (Kageshwori Manohara Municipality) and has extended it to Phidim (Pachthar Municipality) as well.

Sarthak Bal Sikai in all sectors started with a day-long orientation. The chair, Vice-chair, ward chairs, school principals, and SMC chairs participated actively in all these programs. The programs include three phases of training in a year. The teachers in early childhood classes attend these three-phase training and take them to their classes. The trainers from Rato Bangala Foundation help in classroom setup after RBPOP provides materials like wooden blocks, blocks cabinet, stationeries, story books, a few musical and playing materials, etc. Field officers are appointed in all these areas whose main duty is to monitor and provide help and support to the teachers of early childhood classes on a regular basis. 

Phase IV 

2021 ( 3 years )


Gorkha: 50

Terhathum: 9

Kathmandu: 15

Phidim: 9


Gorkha: 36

Terhathum: 25

Kathmandu: 15

Phidim: 14

Teacher's Trained

Gorkha: EC 50/ Primary 153

Terhathum: 31

Kathmandu: 36
Phidim: 20

Ongoing support



RBS Hostel Scholarship

RBS Community School

Lalitpur Scholarship



Supporting a network of 10 schools in Dailekh


Child Care Center: 8

Children: 136 ( Age group : 0-7 years)


Bal Sahitya Mahashav

Oriented in 24 schools

Organized by 10 schools

Books & Wooden Blocks Distribution

Hospital: 2 (Pediatric unit,

Teaching hospitals and Cheers)

Detention Unit

District Police Office