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      Rato Bangala School opened in Lalitpur, Nepal, in 1992 with a commitment to groom Nepali students to be analytical independent thinkers aware of both the country's present situation and its potential

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      Rato Bangala School

      Rato Bangala School was founded in 1992 as a Center of Excellence. Since then the school has grown to be a leader in progressive education and a pioneer in improving the quality of instruction in private and government schools across Nepal. As an advocate for child-centered education, Rato Bangala works to take best practices crafted at the school to the larger community through its outreach programs and sister organizations.

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      Brief History


      Director, Ms. Shanta Dixit, and Principal, Ms. Milan Dixit founded Rato Bangala School in 1992 with a commitment to transform the Nepali education landscape. They aimed to nurture a new generation of Nepali children to be analytical and independent thinkers in an environment that empowers them to thrive socially, emotionally, and cognitively, and build essential skills to succeed in life.

      Rato Bangala started as a bold pedagogical experiment and grew to become the first school in Nepal to introduce a child-centered curriculum. The beneficiaries of this project over the past three decades are not only the students and their families but also the larger community.

      Rato Bangala has been affiliated with the  Bank Street College of Education in New York since 1991, allowing us to introduce and adapt the best of its progressive education culture to the Nepali context. This has allowed us to establish an institution of excellence in Nepal.

      We work closely with parents and the wider community to make learning meaningful and relevant. We emphasize cooperative action, community service, and critical thinking. Through our rigorous and stimulating curriculum, we help develop confident and articulate individuals committed to social justice and  development.


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