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For Phase I, ten schools in each of the five districts were selected – Dailekh, Dhading, Lalitpur, Makwanpur, and Myagdi – for five years. 

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Our approach to the holistic development of children has benefited 116 teachers and more than 7,000 students. We provided scholarships to 250 students and micro-grants of 15-20 thousand to partner schools as an encouragement to improve their physical infrastructure.

We provide leadership training to SMC and school teachers and Skill Development training to primary teachers. We also distribute different kinds of teaching materials to the partner schools. Some of the visible results in those partner schools were improvement in student attendance, implementation of consequences for behavior rather than corporal punishment by trained teachers, student involvement in decision-making, formation of libraries, and availability of books.

Our effort in transforming the education system of our partner schools proved to be a successful endeavour. We successfully imparted a child-centered teaching and learning environment in the respective schools. Several RBPOP schools have become model schools in their Districts and have received national awards.

 Phase I 

2003 - 2008




Local Leaders: 150

School Leaders: 50

Teachers: 116

Students: 7000

Scholarship 586

Initiated Scholarship

Students: 50

Schools in Lalitpur: 5