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Rato Bangala School believes that the school and parents have shared goals, and work closely with them. We have observed that it is essential for children to have supportive parents who believe in the school's philosophy to enable them to reach their academic and social potential. Thus, Rato Bangala School respects the vital role of parents and seeks their wholehearted engagement and collaboration.

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PTA mission

We believe that a partnership between the school and the parents will ensure that we meet our common goal of providing holistic education to our students through mutually respectful interactions in the spirit of the mission and philosophy of Rato Bangala School.


Rato Bangala encourages parents to work together with the school in every aspect of their child's development.

Education and Parenting

Cultural Activities

Fundraising for a cause



Advising the school administration when needed

Providing constructive feedback and suggestions

 Parents Representation

Two Parents take the leadership role for one academic year to represent their child’s class as the Parent Representatives to facilitate communication between home and the school.   

PTA Representatives 2023

Mr. Jitendra Bahety


Ms. Srijana Devkota


Mr. Buddhi Prasad Acharya


Ms. Mahima Aryal


Mr. Biraj Pradhan


Ms. Anjana KC Thapa


Mr.Kiran Maharjan


Ms. Jenny Manandhar


Ms. Rekha Pandey


Ms. Richa Shah


Ms. Milan Dixit


Ms. Shanta Dixit