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    In which grades does Rato Bangala admit students?

    Each year Rato Bangala School admits a group of new entrants in Pre-kindergarten and A-Level. Thus the bulk of its admissions takes place in Pre-kindergarten and A Level. If there are occasional vacancies in other grades, the school will open admission to students whose names are on the Waiting List. Very limited seats may be available in Kindergarten and grade 1.

    What do I do if I am interested in admitting my child to other grades?

    If you are interested in admitting your child to other grades, you are requested to put your child's name on the Waiting List for Evaluation by contacting the School Office. If there is an opening, you will need to fill out the forms and bring your child for evaluation.

    How do I put my child on the Waiting List for Evaluation?

    You can fill in your details from the link here to place your child on the Waiting List for Evaluation for Grades II to VIII. You will be called if there is a vacancy. 

    Can prospective parents visit the school? 

    A tour of the school is organized for prospective parents each year when the application process begins

    How can I prepare my young child to come to preschool? 

    Suggested I can Checklist 

    I can 

    • Self Care
      • dress myself 
      • fasten and unfasten zippers and buttons
      • put on my shoes and tie my own shoe laces
      • put on my backpack/bag and carry it 
      • eat by myself 
      • use the bathroom by myself, use and flush the toilet by myself
      • wash hands with soap, rinse and wipe 
      • use a tissue to wipe my nose
      • cover sneezes and blow my nose, cough into elbow
    • Lend a Helping Hand
      • open and close food containers/ water bottles
      • pour water to drink 
      • carry plates and bowls to put them away after finishing snacks
      • hang backpack on a hook/ put it away where required
      • clean up and put away toys and other materials used
      • help with specific  chores at home
    • Social and listening skills
      • listen to a story read aloud
      • interact with books
      • retell stories 
      • begin a new task and focus to complete it  
      • share toys
      • play alone and with others
        • ask for help if needed
        • stand in line
        • Is not afraid to make mistakes
    • Emotional Control
      • sit quietly to listen and  follow simple directions
      • take turns and share
      • raise my hand and wait to be called on
      • bid farewell to the person who has come to reach me at the gate nicely
      • use language to express likes and dislikes
    • Have knowledge of important information
      • say my full name, my age  and what I like to do 
      • say parents’ full names and phone numbers
      • say my home address
    • Physical Skills 
      • run, change direction, stop, stretch,hop, skip 
      • walk up and down stairs.
      • throw and catch a ball,
      • hold a pencil, crayon, or marker 
      • use safety scissors to cut paper
    • Cognition
      • Is able to follow simple instructions
      • Understands stories
      • Has age-appropriate vocabulary


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