Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2023

Rato Bangala Kitab (RBK) is back with its much-loved literature festival Bal Sahitya Mahotsav celebrating the joy of reading, storytelling, and creative literary activities for teachers and students.

Bal Sahitya Mahotsav is the first children’s literature festival in Nepal. It is an annual event organized by Rato Bangala Kitab, Rato Bangala School, and Rato Bangala Foundation. This year, we look forward to celebrating the eighth edition of the BSM on 4 March 2023 with enjoyable activities, workshops, and author meet-ups.

The edition will feature readings and interaction from esteemed national writers and storytellers, closed art and literature workshops for teachers, open acts for children, and the launch of children’s books in Braille and paper. The festival also features the play Dhumdham ko Ghumgham, adapted from the children’s book by Kanak Mani Dixit of the same name, directed and enacted by Katha Ghera.The other highlights of the event are the read-aloud sessions for students from preschool to grade four by popular Nepali writers like Yashu Shrestha, Eelum Dixit, Sandra Van Doesburg, Kalpana Parajuli, and Anuradha. We also have interesting literary activities by our collaborators; Otaku Next, Van Doesburg Creativeworks, and Quixote’s Cove.

After two virtual festivals during the pandemic, we are delighted to be back at the premises of Rato Bangala. Literacy Expert Judith Gold will be the keynote speaker, and Dr. Dhruba Ghimire, President of Bal Sahitya Samaj, will be our Guest of Honor for the event. Students, parents, and guests can look forward to exciting literacy games, exhibitions, and many interactive activities for children. The other fun activities, customs, stalls, photo booths, dance, and musical performances, and food add to the vibrancy of the festival. A Variety of workshops on reading, writing, and literature will be facilitated by experienced educators for interested teachers.  

Like in the past, BSM continues to publish different books. We are excited to launch the nine books at the festival this year, The House of the Tiger, Bagh ko Ghar by Jet Bakels, The Ravages of Revenge by a Grade VIII student of Rato Bangala School, Ashma Khadka, Manohar ko Munimya series by Milijuli Samuha, Rato Bangala, and Wak a too by Eelum Dixit. In addition, two popular stories published previously by Rato Bangala Kitab will be launched in braille as well: Kasko Bhoto by Deepa Dixit and Every Which Way Up Everest by Kanak Mani Dixit.

To take the initiative of Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2023 to a wider audience, RatoBangala Partnership in Outreach Program (RBPOP) is sponsoring students from 16 different community schools from Kageshwori Manahara to bring them to the festival. Rato Bangala Foundation will conduct workshops for teachers and students of public schools. Teachers will become better equipped to help children develop a love of reading and writing and learn how to organize literature festivals in their own schools.