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Rato Bangala School incorporates class 7 to class 10 under the Upper School section. 

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Upper School

As the students move to Upper School, our program builds on the skills developed in Middle School with supportive teachers who guide them as they are moving from childhood to adolescence. The rich curriculum with hands-on project-based learning continues and their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening get more complex and well-developed. Role plays, simulations, debates, and dramas make learning meaningful and real. The curriculum is stimulating, rigorous, and appropriately challenging for students and provides students with opportunities to excel in and out of the classroom. Assignments reinforce concepts and techniques taught in class and foster independent study habits and time-management skills. 

The school's progress report is a record of the social and emotional growth of learners as well as their academic growth. Each student's development is carefully monitored and evaluated continuously.

In Grades VII-VIII, the classroom teacher teaches the core subjects, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Character Education. The specialist teachers support the teaching of all the remaining subjects. Teachers are qualified to handle adolescents and enjoy them. 



Activities that Rato Bangala prompts

Extra Curriculum

Rato Bangala School always encourages students to stand out in every sector.


The Music curriculum aims to develop a love for music, encourage creativity and build students’ confidence. It promotes self-expression and connection as students engage with different audiences and musicians. The students learn to read notations, understand beats, and play musical instruments of their choice. The curriculum also focuses on helping students to appreciate, experiment with, and respond to music. By singing songs curated by the teachers and themselves to composing some of their own, they learn the skills to listen without discrimination and appreciate musical works. The musically inclined move on to more specialized work with their selected instruments in the extra activities classes and beyond.  

Drama and Dance 

Students explore drama by reading and writing plays. Students are exposed to the best published classical works.  Drama activities and games, self-composed spoken word poetry, puppet shows, and culmination performances are highlights of the drama program.  Professional Theater experts work with students alongside their class teachers. The dance program enables students to explore a wide range of dance forms from modern to classical. 

Character Education 

Character education is taken into consideration when every unit of the curriculum is planned across the subject areas. It is also a scheduled period where discussions focus on developing core values such as respect, responsibility, and social commitment.  

Social Emotional development is an important focus area. In addition to the grade teachers, we have a guidance counselor who works closely with the students. 

Physical Education

Physical education works on promoting the enjoyment of sports, physical fitness, physical endurance, mental stamina, discipline, teamwork, and cooperation. Football and basketball are the most popular sports. Students engage in athletics, tennis, volleyball, dodgeball, yoga, martial arts, aerobics, physical training drills, and so on. Team sports are encouraged to develop lifelong skills of teamwork, collaboration, and empathy. 

Visual Arts

Exploring a wide variety of mediums, the Visual Arts program works to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create, design, and craft their own work. Students explore the landscape and experiment with watercolor, collage, papier mache, woodcraft, clay and pottery, and more. 


In addition to the subjects above, there are some extra activities offered as choices to the Upper School students such as Theater, Robotics, Public Speaking, Music, Dance, Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Badminton. These classes are conducted by experts in their field. 

Digital Literacy

As an essential skill, digital literacy is an important part of the curriculum.



Basic Education Examination (BEE)

The Basic Education Examination (BEE) is a government-mandated Examination taken at the end of Grade VIII. 



In grades IX and X, the students prepare for the external government-mandated SEE. The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is the final examination in the secondary school system of Nepal which is taken by the National Examination Board.


A-Level and College Preparation

In grades XI and XII, Rato Bangala follows the Cambridge International Examinations GCE A Level curriculum and prepares the students for College. Students graduate with the Cambridge GCE A level which is a two-year course after the SEE. Rato Bangala’s college placement is considered to be among the best in the region.

The school has been an independent University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) center NP704 since 1997. Rato Bangala's independent CEEB 689010 facilitates communication with educational testing centers and colleges in the United States. Rato Bangala is also a testing center for the PSAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and the American College Test (ACT). Rato Bangala's excellent academic results testify to the effectiveness of its student-centered curriculum.


Results of the External Examinations

The SEE and the GCE A-level results have been excellent with RBS students getting the Cambridge awards for securing the highest marks in the world and in Nepal every year for the A-level final.

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